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See Progress in the Process 

Chrysalis is a digital agency of talented and trusted creatives based in Paris and Monaco. 


Building a brand is no small feat - but we’ll be there throughout the process. What is your brand saying and why should it matter to people? How are you going to shape the persona relevant to your brand? What problems are you solving in people’s lives? How will you make your customer the hero? We work with you to provide the answers to these questions that can make or break a brand.

Our agency is powered by digital media and strategy. You can come to Chrysalis for services like social media and community management, content creation, influencer marketing, copywriting and more…

In this digital-first world, we know that to build a brand, leveraging the power of the internet is paramount. 


We also know how necessary communication, perspective, collaboration, and conversation is. We want to help your brand build its identity and make noise in a meaningful way. There is no such thing as “the market is saturated”; in fact building a brand has never been so invigorating, there will always be space for a brilliant idea that makes a difference in people’s lives. 


Chrysalis is a digital agency all about the process and inspired by the sweet spot; the feeling when you’re on the cusp of something really, really good.

After earning a Business Administration degree and Luxury Marketing Master’s degree, Louhana was eager to enter the field of communications and marketing.


She has since worked with companies based in Monaco, Paris, Geneva, Milan, and Florence. Now, by combining the skills she has developed from her experiences with that of other expert creatives in the field, she is excited to bring the Chrysalis agency to life and show you all what we can offer you and your brand.


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